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The TROPO Precipitation Gauge is the next generation 4-inch all-weather professional precipitation gauge that meets the accuracy and specification requirements of CoCoRaHS. The TROPO is the approved, premium CoCoRaHS* gauge option.

Included in the box:

  • Handle
  • Universal Mounting Bracket
  • Bird Deterrant Rods (x8)
  • Cap/Funnel
  • Inner Tube (mm. and inches)
  • Outer Tube (mm. and inches)
  • Three Precipitation Observation Forms (Climalytic Store Special)
  • Weatherproof Climalytic Decal (Climalytic Store Special)
  • 11" Cable Ties (x2)
  • Wood Screws (x2)
  • Adhesive Strip (For frictional grip to pole mount applications)
  • Extra Long Cleaning Brush
  • Bubble Level
  • Installation and User Guide (also available HERE)
  • 10% Off your next order coupon (Climalytic Store Special)

The TROPO is the first comprehensive refresh of the 4-inch Stratus All-weather Rain Gauge, which was first introduced way back in 1973! Based on the design of NOAA’s National Weather Service official standard 8” rain gauge, the TROPO Precipitation Gauge uses the same dual cylinder design to measure precipitation with a resolution of 0.01” (.25 mm).

The inner cylinder holds 1 inch (25 mm) of precipitation, while the extra-large outer cylinder holds another 12.50 inches (317.5 mm) of precipitation making the maximum capacity approximately 13.5” (343 mm). The inner cylinder and funnel top cap are removable to allow catchment of snowfall or other frozen precipitation, which can then be melted down or weighed to determine a liquid equivalent.

The gauge is made of a UV stabilized Polycarbonate; the same weather resistant material as greenhouses.

This is the most advanced, accurate and easy-to-use manual precipitation gauge available.

For more details see TROPO page.

Note: Custom station ID labels are sold separately (see TROPO - Parts) and were included with all pre-orders from March - April, 2023 as a complimentary thank you.  



  • 13.5” (342.9 mm) maximum capacity
  • Textured grips on outer cylinder for secure handling of the gauge
  • Bird deterrent rods (optional)
  • Funnel opening atop inner cylinder for easy filling without outer tube cap.
  • Outer cylinder gradations for quick, estimated readings
  • Removable handle for easy handling of the unmounted gauge.
  • Flexible, easy mounting bracket for pole or post installation with weather-protected bracket design for easy mounting & unmounting
  • Inner cylinder equipped with stabilizing base for easy filling
  • Locking funnel cap to avoid blow-offs
  • Extra tall cap walls for more accurate catchment of precipitation
  • Beveled guide on bottom of outer cylinder allows inner cylinder to easily slide in place.
  • Safe, easy operation with textured grips and removable handle
  • Attain more accurate precipitation measurements with fewer measurement mishaps
  • Save time cleaning the gauge from bird droppings
  • Save time and avoid potential damage while dismounting gauge in icy or frozen conditions
  • Save money by not buying blown off and lost cap/funnel
  • Fewer gauge over-toppings during extreme events or long accumlation periods
  • Save time installing and operating the gauge


PACKAGING NOTICE: This product may ship in a box that reveals its contents. If this is a concern, please contact us to see if other options are available.

* A portion of proceeds are donated to CoCoRaHS!


A list of features that the TROPO has over other manual gauges: pole mounting bracket, freeze-proof, lasting clarity, metric and imperial units, 13.5" max capacity, textured grips, outer cylinder graduations, pour spout, inner cylinder funnel, inner cylinder seat, optional bird spikes, tall cap, locking cap, removable handle, included brush.



  • 5

    Review by Jason Sullivan

    Everything about the experience was quality. From customer service to fast shipping to packaging of the gauge to instructions to the quality of the product itself.

  • 5
    Tropo 4 " Precipitation Gauge

    Review by C Doman

    this is made very well. I have gotten it installed easily-the instructions we great. They are a very good company to work with. Let the Rains Begin! I will order from them again and I like that I can get replacement parts if needed. Thank you Climalytic!

  • 4
    Tropo Precipitation Gauge

    Review by James Christoffersen

    Superior to other gauges I've used. Wish I had known about Tropo many years ago!

  • 5
    TROPO Precipitation gauge

    Review by Nick Stefano - Sussex County Weather / North Jersey Weather Observers

    New Rain Gauge CLIMALYTIC has developed a new and improved rain gauge. It’s called the TROPO I was asked to write a review and here it is: (pix at end) "I have had the new TROPO Precipitation Gauge for over a month now. This gauge will supersede the standard Clear-Vu gauge. It is more robust, holds more precipitation, mounts easily, has a nicely incorporated handle and side grips for emptying the tube when necessary, easy to read graduated precipitation amounts in both mm and inches and, those bird spikes around the top rim really help by stopping our feather friends from sitting on the rim. (You know the rest) It even comes with a long cleaner brush to clean deep inside the tube when needed. They put a lot of thought into this gauge and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who takes their weather readings of precipitation seriously and accurately. Great job! Nick Stefano Sussex County Weather North Jersey Weather Observers [email protected]

  • 4
    Love that the brush is included!

    Review by Ron Malinowski, Jr.

    Let me just say I just got the gauge, and what I love is the company gives you the pickle with the product. The brush is huge to have! Personally I was shorted a bird spike from the factory, that is a mark down for quality control, I have no easy way to find a replacement and the gauge will forever not be complete. if the plastic handles the UV and the markings don't easily wear. I think all the subtle improvements are welcomed. When comparing it to the standard gauge make sure you factor in shipping and the brush when comparing to ordering this gauge.

  • 5
    ***** Climalytic Store, ***** Tropo Gauge

    Review by Diane RMD

    Five stars for both! Best customer service and assistance with shipping needs. Top quality product. I appreciate the increased precision and the improved "user friendliness" built into this tool. Worth every penny and then some!!

  • 5
    Tropo rain gauge

    Review by Richard jones

    I had a old raingauge I took the protector screen that keeps out trash. Installed in to the tropo And it worked Need to implement that on your new product.

  • 5

    Review by Brian Hamilton

    This Rain Gauge is without a doubt the most well thought out and quality made gauge out there in the 4 inch category. Tye the inventor of the rain gauge put a 110% effort into its creation, and thought of everything.It is a well built QUALITY product ,and tested for complete accuracy. All of the extras you need to install and maintain the gauge are included! If you are SERIOUS about measuring Precipitation…. Look no further, just order this gauge! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! It’s a Top Shelf product…..from a Top Shelf Family Company. Finally their Customer Service is Amazing. As they say……JUST DO IT!

  • 5
    Excellent Quality

    Review by Carl Compton

    I got my new TROPO gauge installed today, very easy to work with. I was very impressed with the packaging and excellent quality of the gauge!!! A very SATISFIED CoCoRaHS observer!!! I would recommend this gauge to anyone!!

  • 5
    Great Redesigned Rain Gauge

    Review by Michael Sandler

    The Tropo rain Gauge solved a number of problems I had with the Stratus Gauge I've been using for 30+ years. I need to mount the gauge on a pole to get it high enough to avoid the community sprinklers. I had the Stratus mounted to the pole using Bungee cords, not exactly ideal. The tropo with the included ties mounts securely to the pole. I also had problems with bird poop which the included bird spikes should take care of. It is also, much easier to put the tube back in, it balances nicely compared to the Stratus. It is also easier to read the rain accumulation and the spout & handle makes it easier to pour amounts over 1 inch. Great Job, highly recommended!

  • 5
    Excellent Rain Gauge!

    Review by Tyler Johnson

    I’ve recently purchased the Tropo rain gauge, and it has been excellent. It is very accurate and best of all easy to use. I really enjoy the forethought that they had designing this gauge all the way down to the accessories that it came with. The brush I didn’t think I’d really need, but it really comes in handy more than I would have thought. If you’re having reservations buying this product… don’t. I highly recommend it!

  • 5
    Great Rain Gauge

    Review by Brent Lamb

    I knew when I opened the box that I had made the right choice when I ordered. I have now had over an inch at time. It's easy to pore from the large cylinder in to the small one. I recommend this for everyone wanting a new gauge.