Introducing The New Premium CoCoRaHS Rain Gauge — TROPO.

Posted by Tye W. Parzybok on 12th Oct 2022

Introducing The New Premium CoCoRaHS Rain Gauge — TROPO.

We have some exciting news to share, but first a bit of background and our journey to today.

How It Started

Climalytic Instruments was established in early 2022 to design, manufacture and sell high-quality, affordable and professional precipitation measurement instruments and accessories. We are innovating and designing instruments to encourage, standardize and improve the measurement of rain, snow, hail, sleet and ice to support climatological analytics and situational awareness. Our solutions bridge the gap between imprecise hardware store instrumentation and expensive, industrial-grade instrumentation. Our products are designed, reviewed and tested by passionate hydrometeorologists and engineers who have decades of precipitation measurement and analysis experience.

We are proud to announce that we received our first samples of our flagship product, the TROPO all-weather precipitation gauge, from the factory. The initial samples were provided to Climalytic and our trusted, US-based industrial engineer for high-precision calibration, testing and critical evaluation. The TROPO gauge is made from several plastic injection molds, then laser printed with UV-resistant “artwork.” The positioning of this artwork, including the measurement gradations (the inch and mm markings), are critical for accurate precipitation readings. Our laboratory testing of the gauge by pouring known weights and volumes of water into it indicates the artwork, at all intervals, is spot on. Without any changes required to the design or artwork placement, the factory is working on developing a very small number of complete TROPO packages, including all of the installation hardware to serve as field testing kits. Our select field testers will largely include the CoCoRaHS leadership team and a few others with specialized knowledge of precipitation gauges. The Climalytic team will also be ensuring the TROPO packaging, hardware, and instruction manuals are perfect for you.

Below are some pictures of the first TROPO gauge.

The New Design

Our refreshed design of the 50-year old, basic, dual-cylinder manual precipitation gauge concept has been a multi-year effort. Needless to say, we are extremely happy with our new TROPO gauge and can’t wait for you all to start using it. We painstakingly reviewed customer comments and complaints about current manual rain gauges to arrive at the final TROPO design. We also solicited feedback from the CoCoRaHS team on much-desired improvements. In all, there are over a dozen distinguishing features of the TROPO gauge that will make measuring precipitation more fun, safe and accurate! Although it will be the most advanced, accurate and easy-to-use manual precipitation gauge on the market, we are working on several really cool add-ons and accessories that we will discuss in future newsletters.

Our goal was to have the TROPO available for sale by early December 2022, but delays associated with supply chains, COVID, and some subtle design changes to the TROPO plastic gauge to accommodate some plastic injection mold challenges are putting that in jeopardy. We will announce a release date later, at which time you will be able to pre-order your TROPO gauge and be among the first to receive it.

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Thank you for being part of our journey to making a difference in precipitation measurement.

All the best,

Tye W. Parzybok, CCM

President and Chief Hydrometeorologist

Climalytic Instruments, LLC