Instrument Mount Guy-wire Kit

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The guy-wire kit, intended for use with the Climalytic Instrument Mount, provides three galvanized steel anchor stakes with stainless steel cables for ultra-strong anchoring, even in high winds. Includes adjustable tensioners for leveling.

Included in the box:

• 1 powder-coated center bushing/collar with 3 preinstalled eye hooks.
• 3 42" long - 1/16" Stainless steel cables (cables with soldered ends to help prevent fraying)
• 3 Stainless steel cable tensioners
• 3 ground stakes
• Red cable loom/sleeve
• Instruction guide (also available at LINK)

For more information, visit the Climalytic Instrument Mount Page.

*Note: The Climalytic Instrument Mount must be purchased separately.



  • Provides additional stability for the Climalytic Instrument Pole Mount
  • Hardware and cables constructed of rust and weather resistant stainless steel
  • Includes three 10" long galvanized steel ground stakes
  • Collar and tensionors allow infinite adjustability
  • Includes bright safety tubing for guy-wires
  • Soldered cable ends prevent fraying
  • Designed and made in the USA
  • Avoid costly damage in high wind and/or soft soil areas
  • Protects your weather instrumentation with additional stability
  • Save time with quick and easy installation
  • Maintenance free
  • Clean aesthetic appearance
  • Bright colored safety tubing prevents tripping

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  • 5
    Excellent, heavy duty equipment

    Review by Mark Weinberg

    The kit is built to last and easy to install. The colored sleaves have slit so that you can fit the sleave to the guy wire after its installed and staked.